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  2. TL Obelisk 7

    Emperor Troll of all Trolls

  3. TL Obelisk 7

    School's that peanut butter and jelly sandwitch that taste like sand. Only when it's 8am in the morn though~

  4. Lager/Vonethil » TL Obelisk 7

    I've not seen you on for a while, where are you? :(

  5. Avius » TL Obelisk 7

    Bro-love right back at you!

  6. TL Obelisk 7 » Avius

    I just wanted to say after reading your app how fucking awesome you are. Another has been added to the list of people I can talk to so I can MMO-tize my knowledge and hear awesome stories of the adventures of a individual. Obviously I'm in a good mood.
    No homo.

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    Two new blog entries are up! Go comment and review so I can improve future writing's~

    1. Bíalba

      Cool I like your entries

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    Back to South Korea April 14th.