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  1. Bridger added a post in a topic: Post your wallpaper!   

  2. Bridger added a post in a topic: Let talk about Elite: Dangerous   

    Good summery guys.  I've been sitting on the fence with this game as well.  Think I'll continue to hold off until they add more things "to do" and some better squadron support.
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  3. Bridger added a post in a topic: Star Citizen Operational Goal - To Become Known as the Best Mid-Size Elite Merc Org   

    Star Citizen is a huge game, with a lot of different aspects to focus on.  In this post I'll briefly outline the play experience that we are working to create for TL in Star Citizen.
    Our goal, as the title implies, is to be known as the best mercenary organization which relies on discipline and training to make up for our lack of numbers . We do not want to be a "Zerg guild," though we will recruit to be able to run persistent ships/bases on rotations, and participate effectively in larger fleet battles. Our rough goal for numbers is to have enough people to fill a full "instance" (limit unknown as of the time of this writing) during prime time, on most days of the week.  If we find that we are short of that goal, we'll increase recruiting. Once we've achieved that goal, we'll slow down recruiting. If "instances" are effectively unlimited, as one model suggests, chapter leadership will determine appropriate limits.
    To that end, we will organize weekly training sessions to make sure everyone is working from the same tactics playbook. Of course nobody likes sitting in class, so we're going to do our best to make these training sessions as hands-on, fun, and engaging as possible for everyone involved.  
    We will have divisions/squads within TL focusing on many different aspects of the game. We will need income to support our combat training and operations, especially when we're short of contracts; for that we'll need economists and traders. Our economists and traders will need protection, provided by our combat pilots. We'll also have plenty of people who enjoy exploration, and that segment will have it's own fully supported missions to work on.
    We hope TL members aspire to be the best they can in at least one sub-set of the SC universe (trading, dogfighting, scouting, FPS boarding, exploring, etc.). That said, we recognize that different people have different time commitments ; some can play every night, others can only play 2 nights a week. To that end, we will be setting up different groups within the SC chapter to represent the amount of time someone has committed to training and bettering themselves. Those who can commit more time to TL will be our elite pilots who are chosen to lead squadrons and given the toughest missions within any given battle. Those who cannot commit that time will still be part of our group! Casual players will not be used as cannon fodder! Everybody who passes a minimum training is eligible for our operations. More details of this system will be posted in the private forums as it is introduced.
    All of this does not mean that people with more time to commit to gaming are "better than" our more casual members. Elitism has never been, and will not be, tolerated within TL. Informed disagreement and active theorycrafting are welcome (in fact, they are highly encouraged!) but when you stop arguing about information and start demeaning your opponent, you will be dealt with by the admiralty. Please ensure that you respect the TL charter and your fellow community members.  
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  4. Bridger added a post in a topic: Getting Back Into GW2? POST IN THIS POLL BY 8/30/14!   

    Hi guys,
    As many of you know, the Black Desert chapter is planning to jump back into Guild Wars 2 to prep for Black Desert PvP.  Many other people even outside the BD chapter are also interested in picking the game up again to see what's changed.  We're trying to figure out what server we should setup on.  Please fill out the poll so we can setup on the server with the most people.
    Thanks :)  You'll hear more about our GW2 organization in the coming weeks.
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  5. Bridger added a post in a topic: Recruit GeraldDuval saying hello!   

    I'm a little late but I'll throw in my own "Ahoy!" to this karma train :)
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  6. Bridger added a post in a topic: "Get to the Back of the Bus" - Wildstar Support   

    Keep in mind that a policy like the one described is not put into place to punish you.  In this case, it appears that it was a form of triage.  Their support is overwhelmed at the moment with requests like this, and they *literally* cannot handle them all. Their support staff doesn't get to decide if they can hire more staff, so they only have a few options:
    1) Put everyone on a giant waiting list (which would get longer and longer over time)
    2) Triage the most important patients for restoration and give some form of compensation to others.
    They chose 2, which seems reasonable to me in this situation.
    Now, why are they inundated with requests of this type?  Because hackers be hackin, and they've gotten good at it over the last 10 years.  Carbine wanted to find a way to stop this, so they (like many MMO companies) adopted a 2 factor authentication system which has (as far as i know) a 100% success rate at stopping hackers.  They plead with their community to use it because a) it creates fewer support tickets and b) perfectly protects their userbase.
    I *highly* recommend you set it up as soon as you can.  It can be a bit of a pain, but it could save you a *lot* of hassle and woe in the future.
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  7. Bridger added a post in a topic: AC multiplayer and Vanduul Swarm   

    I managed to get to 13.  Only mod i made to my ship was changing out the repeater in the nose of the 300i and replacing it with the mass driver from my 325a.  I use a logitech Extreme 3d pro (for now).
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  8. Bridger added a post in a topic: Voice Attack Profiles Complete with Voices   

    Check out this link:

    This guy went through a lot of trouble putting this together for everyone. Thought it deserved a post here :)
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  9. Bridger added a post in a topic: Star Citizen ship variants.   

    It's done. I am now Rear Admiral Bridger ($280 spent so far).
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  10. Bridger added a post in a topic: Star Citizen ship variants.   

    Damnit, got to go with the MIS >_<
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  11. Bridger added a post in a topic: Star Citizen ship variants.   

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  12. Bridger added a post in a topic: Interview With Travis Day - We Need Questions!   

    Hi Everybody,
    We just landed an Interview with Travis Day (Producer of the Dogfighting Module, Arena Commander).  We're going to need some questiosn to ask him.  :)
    The interview is Sunday night @ 7pm EST (normal Tales of Citizens time).  Post your suggestions here!
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  13. Bridger added a post in a topic: Looking into buying a new PC   

    This is my understanding as well Whiskey.  I did upgrade to an i7 recently and I did see a significant improvement in performance  while streaming .  But the hyperthreading and virtual cores in an i7 don't get utilized for games very much.  The i7 was completely worth it for me due to the improvements to video editing and streaming times, but I don't think the cost difference matches the performance improvement for gaming.
    Also: I just upgraded to an SSD last year for the first time and OH MAN where has this been all my life and why do I only have enough room for two large games?!
    240 should be plenty for you though.  I have a 128Gb that runs my OS and 2-3 games that have long load times (looking at you Rome 2!).  Last I heard (last year) was that Samsung was the best bet in the SSD department, but do a few searches on places like anandtech or tomshardware and see what you come up with.
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  14. Bridger added a post in a topic: Join us in "Space Engineers" creating a carrier and the Star Citizen Ships!   

    I'm on board, when are we getting together to make this happen?
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  15. Bridger added a post in a topic: New Radar Image Confusion   

    Wow, I missed this image!  very cool looking hud now :)  I was worried it would be a lot worse than this at start. Honestly, due to the inconsistencies pointed out, I wonder if it's not a mock up?
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